13 – 29 MAY 2022

Clare Town Hall, Main North Road, Clare,SA

Seeking Afternoon Shade by Robert Anderson



DIMENSIONS (Height - 62.00 cm X Width - 72.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39930-0142-01
COPYRIGHT © Robert Anderson
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Artist: Robert Anderson


I began painting in 1984, as l had alway's enjoyed art even during my school years.          Phone/0473018523

My journey started under tuition with my first teacher Ivo Zorzo painting in monochrome then applying glazes

similar to methods used by the old masters.

I then came across my second teacher Gregory R Smith who painted in Tonal realism, he had just opened his school

my next journey had begun! this was to be my path of learning pure painting from life, l learned to see and understand

about tone and painting all subject from life this included studio work starting first from drawing casts with graphite this

was a very exciting time in my training then after 6 months of learning to see with graphite l moved on to painting subjects

in the studio e.g. still life, pottery,glass,metals e.g. silver copper brass, materials flowers etc.....then moved on to portraiture

and figure painting after this period l moved out into painting plein air landscapes l call myself an objective painter! after all 

my years of training and learning to see l still enjoy the beauty of nature and what it offers me, l don't find the need to distort

nature in any means, though my techniques in colour and theory have changed some what my journey continues l love the path

l have chosen and l'm always trying to improve all aspects of my painting approach........

Because of family and personal issues during my painting journey l did stop painting for 10 years but l have now started on my

journey again and its very exciting.

Also l have paintings in Corporate collections in England and France

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